Gardenia Summersnow

Gardenia Summer Snow bears beautiful, pure white, waxy, double flowers. The flower has a heady, sweet fragrance, which permeates the surrounding air. Cut flowers are recommended indoors for both their beauty and fragrance. Flowers should be placed in a cool spot, and frequently misted with water. Flowers on very short stems are often used floating in shallow bowls indoors and outdoors and are also suited well for a corsage. It grows extremely hardy to 0 degrees or colder, have big double pure white flower, extremely drought tolerant & pest resistant, large, lustrous dark & dense green foliage, strong & fast growing and highly fragrant.

Hardiness zones ranges from 6 to 10. Blooms depending on zone but generally late May through June. Keep moist until established. Then water deeply and less frequently as needed during growing season. Fertilize in spring after blooming with a food for acid-loving plants. Height can be reached 4’ to 5’ Tall and Width 4’ to 5’. Can be exposed to part sun to full shade.