At Fraserview Nursery Ltd, we have wide range of Azalea varieties available. Azaleas easy-care shrubs that blooms in spring. They are easy-care shrubs that come in so many colors it’s hard to find one that doesn’t suit your needs. Azaleas can be grown in nearly any garden. Growing and caring for these shrubs is easy.

It is essential that you choose an appropriate planting location and practice proper azalea care.  They look the most attractive when they are planted alone; however, mass plantings work well in larger areas, such as wooded sites. These shrubs should be planted in the spring, preferably within cool, lightly shaded sites. Full sun, especially in southernmost climates, can actually burn the leaves while heavy shade can deprive them of necessary oxygen, resulting in poor blooming and weaker growth. Azaleas have shallow roots and require a well-drained, acidic soil. In poorly drained areas, azaleas should be placed in raised beds or containers. Organic matter added to the soil and an adequate layering of mulch will generally provide azaleas with sufficient nutrients; therefore, frequent fertilizing is often not required. However, if there are low amounts of nitrogen in the soil, applying fertilizer may be necessary in order to prevent a nutrient deficiency. Fertilizing of these shrubs should take place in late spring to early fall. To maintain a more compact appearance or simply to encourage bushier growth, trim azaleas after their blooming period has expired. Taking time to trim azaleas by cutting back the branches of these shrubs will also help renew overgrown plants. Keeping your azaleas healthy throughout the growing season with good azalea care will ensure an abundance of beautiful blooms for many springs to come. Best time when to trim azaleas is after the blossoms have faded but before the new blossom buds have started. The next year’s blossoms typically start forming at the beginning of July, so you must prune an azalea bush before then. Azaleas should be pruned in a natural fashion as they are not well suited for formal styles of pruning. Pruning azaleas is a great way to maintain these wonderful plants’ beauty.

There are wide varieties of Azaleas available, few of them are arranged according to their color as follows:

  1. Orange-flowering azaleas come in an intense orange color to a light salmon orange color. Some orange blossom varieties are Don’s Variegated, Double Pleasure, Chickasaw, Florida Flame Orange, Sagittarius, Great Expectations and Bill Bullard.
  2. Pink azaleas produce blossoms that are the palest pink to a deep, hot pink. Types to try are Rosa Cottingham, Phlox Pink, Varnadoe’s Pink, Cedar Lane, Lady Barbara, Late Date, Betty Cummins, Duchess of Cypress, George L. Tabor, Lavender, Coral Bells, Pink Ruffles, Piedmont, Wakaebisu, Satin Robe, Higasa, Linearifolium, Kobai and Nancy of Robin Hill.
  3. Red blossoms on azaleas show up with a deep red color on the petals. Red azaleas are Harrison Red, Pride of Mobile, Red, Red Ruffles, Bob Hill, Balsaminiflorum, Hinode Giri, Cinderella, Mariana Lee, Elizabeth Gable, Midnight Flare and Autumn Embers.
  4. Purple-flowered azaleas appear as light lavender to a dark purple. Look for Happy Days, Koromo Shikibu, Formosa, George Lindley Tabor, Zulu, May Blaine, Conversation Piece, Rosebud, Big Joe and Autumn Amethyst.
  5. Yellow blooms are pale-nearly-white to a brilliant yellow flower. More types are Moon Beam, Memory of James Thompson, York, Millie Mac, Austrinum Gold, Escatawpa, Greenville Gold, Aunt Ida, Coleman’s Sunshine, My Mary, Florida Flame Yellow, Ambrosia, Olga Niblett and Beth Bulard.
  6. White-colored blooms vary in petal shape and size. Some azaleas with white flowers are Double Deal, Angel’s Lace, Cedar Lane, Fly Catcher, GG Gerbing, Gumpo White, Snow, Delaware Valley White, White Rosebud, Polaris, Hardy Gardenia and Ralph Pennington.

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